Welcome to The Business Zone
Co-Working Space

The Business Zone is a shared or co-working professional space for those who wish to meet in a safe and professional environment but do not need a full-time office space. The monthly membership enables you to work quietly or meet with clients. It has private rooms for meetings that can be booked in advance as well as open rooms on a first-come first-served basis. There are 3 private rooms, a co-working station in the Hive and a conference room.  Each of the rooms has its own name. If a room is open, you can work in it. Entrance to The Business Zone is secured and every room is secured by camera.

The mailboxes are an independent item apart from the membership and can be used for a Hayden Business address. This is great for those people wanting to capture Google mapping of their business. We have a secure street-side mailbox as well as secured inside individual mailboxes that are key-locked. The secured inside mailboxes can be accessed 24 hours per day.

Advertising on the screen is a value add for members where we place your business information on the screen.  The ad screen runs 24 hours a day and includes a spot to place your business cards for those who’d like to take one with them.

Advertising can also be purchased independently of a subscription but no door access is given.

The conference room seats 6 – 8 comfortably and can also be rented independently of the membership with a minimum of 2 hours (1 hour use and 30 minutes on each side for set-up and clean-up). Your membership gives you reserved access to the conference room for 2 hours each month.

The Hive is a less quiet community area with a coffee station and lots of supplies. It has computers available for use with a great fiber network for all your internet needs. Printers are also available. Coffee service is on the house!

Our goal with The Business Zone is to have a peaceful meeting place for entrepreneurs and business owners to get work done, meet with clients and achieve their highest potential that will bring their business to the Next Level. We hope that this quiet, open environment and professional space will facilitate focus and productivity for your work and stay.

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Ala Carte Services

As Noted
  • Conference room: $50.00 per hour (2hour minimum)
  • Advertising: $15.00 per month
  • Mailbox rental: 50.00 per month

The Library

The front entrance leads into the library.

The Refuge Room

The Refuge

A relaxed space to meet with clients. It also has a desk if you need to check your email.

The Refuge Room view from the back of the room

The Refuge Room

Another view.

The Discovery Room

The Discovery Room


The Library

This is the view as you walk through the entrance.

The Vineyard Room

The Vineyard Room

This is our second meeting room where you can meet with clients in a private setting.

This area houses business cards and a scrolling view of services offered by our members.

This area houses business cards and a scrolling view of services offered by our members. The Discovery Room is on the right.


The Hallway

Another quiet spot to get a bit of work done or chat with a team member or client.

Coffee service

The Hive

A general workspace and kitchen where you and your team can gather to work and grab a drink and snack at the same time. Coffee service is on the house!

The Compass Conference RoomThe Compass Conference Room


Another view of the Compass  Conference Room

The Compass Conference Room


The Hive workspace and kitchenette

The Hive Workstation and Kitchenette


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