It’s about this time of year when those New Year resolutions are starting to lose their sparkle, and other things might be starting to catch your attention. “I’ve been doing this for a while now. Is it even working?” So often I see entrepreneurs get halfway through one project only to lose steam with it and find something new to chase.

These new ideas without proper thought and preparation are destined to disappear and disappoint like a St. Patrick’s Leprechaun. The spark of inspiration that had you start the last one is the same one as now. How do you know the outcome will be different?

There’s nothing wrong with having new shiny ideas, but if you feel like you’re always chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but never reaching it, let’s look at how you can reach your business goals before starting your next golden adventure.

How to Follow Through in Your Shiny Ideas:


  1. Have the End Goal in Mind

    When you came up with this shiny idea you had when you started, did you think through what the end goal would look like if you were to achieve that goal successfully? Was it moving you forward, or just something fun that you thought you would need for your business? Did you plan your next steps after you had achieved the goal? Having the end goal in mind is your first step.

  2. Accountability

    When starting something new, have someone help you stay accountable to see it through to the end. That person is allowed to encourage you to finish a project before beginning a new one. Get a good support system in place to help you when the going gets tough!

  3. 90-Day Runs


    When working on projects, it’s scientifically proven that we as humans lose interest in a project. So, when you’re tackling your business goals, breaking it down into quarterly timelines is helpful to give it enough time to work, or find out if you need to change trajectories if it’s not working.

People are innately curious. Whenever something new is presented, their curiosity is piqued and they pursue it to satisfy the new feeling they have. Once they’ve had their fill, they can’t find any other motivation to continue, and they drop out.

Whatever it may be, I want to see you get that pot of gold for your business before you lose steam. With the proper strategies in place, you can! I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth it.