According to the University of Scranton, a whopping 92% of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them. That leaves 8% in a very elite category of goal achievers.

The Honeymoon is over

Can you believe that we’ve already reached the half-year mark? It just seemed like a week or two ago that we were all planning our goals for 2023 with enthusiasm. So, how are your goals going? Have you been starting to lose steam with them, even on your favorite projects?

Business goals are like gym memberships. Many of us decide we are going to start using that gym membership we have been paying for, and come January 1st we are going to do it, no excuses. We start off really well, get up earlier and we don’t miss a session. Then, life gets in the way: the kids get sick, work falls apart, employees are absent or quit…etc.

If you’re not where you want to be with your goals, a few things could be holding you back:

  • Fear: Fear of failure paralyzes many people into inaction, and fear of success is just as bad. “What will people think?”
  • Disappointment from previous goal experiences. “It was a failure before, so why try again and experience the embarrassment?”
  • Laziness: Goals require energy, and that good old comfort zone is telling you “There’s no need to stretch and push for more.”
  • Wrong Goals: Have you set wrong goals in the past based on other people’s expectations?
  • Impatience: In business, you have to play the waiting game. Your plan will take time. Goal setting requires you to look and focus on the future, not just the now!

So What Do I Do?

Have you fallen into one of these traps? If so, you’re not alone. To get out of this funk, here are a few strategies you can try to reignite your business spark:

  1. Begin With the End in Mind: If you travel anywhere, you can’t reach your location until you know where you’re going. The same goes for your business. Set your sights on the long-term goal you’d like to achieve and work backward to figure out the steps to get there.
  2. Set Specific and Challenging Goals: The only way you’re going to grow is if you challenge yourself. In your business, what is one thing you can do each week to work on growing and expanding your business?
  3. Build a Support Network: Stop the procrastination – have accountability partners! You need someone in your corner cheering you on and helping you keep track of your goals, ideas, and dreams. Allow them to remind you that you’re not alone, and you can do this!


Business is hard, and don’t feel like you need to do it alone! If you need an accountability partner, then reach out and I can teach you a tried-and-true method to help you set and achieve goals quarter after quarter and cheer you on along the way!

The honeymoon phase of your business goals might be over, but if it takes work to keep a marriage going, the same goes for your business, so remember: The best is yet to come.